What Dreams May Come

Pregger DreamsWell it’s that time again. It’s around 7 pm and I am SO ready for bed! It’s almost impossible to remember when an allnighter and a full work day ahead didn’t even make one flinch. Now? The alarm goes off and off to dream land I want to go again.

And the dreams! Man-oh-man. So vivid, memorable, and frequent it almost seems like something else is happening altogether. But apparently the emotions of a pregnancy will stimulate your dream sphere and allow for some interesting imagery in between your bathroom runs in the middle of the night. They say the dreams generally reflect how one feels deep down on an unconscious level. I don’t know if I agree. I remember a whole lot of random places and people. Nothing really good or bad. Though I have never really got down to writing my dreams so they can be looked at and pondered upon.

So I thought I’d start a whole new category – Dreams. Here, I’ll attempt to create an online dream journal, of sorts, that I’ll share with the world. To see the collections of my dream journal just go to the Dream Category.

I’ll start tomorrow…. Trying to remember last nights dreams but they are nothing but fog now.

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