A Dinner n A Dance

Okay, so it wasn’t quite as glamorous as the title would have you think. With that said, there is something about that seemingly inborn ability to cook a dinner and clean house in pure harmony.

Whats for dinner? Sauerkraut and Kielbasa 

Sauerkraut and Kielbasa dinner

Simply mouthwatering dinner!

One of my favorite dishes of all time is a delicious dish that I remember my g-ma and mama making. Being from Russia, we tend to have a finesse of sorts for all things cabbage and pickled. What do you get from cabbage and pickled? Why sauerkraut, of course! Delighted in having found a kielbasa to boot, dinner was on! An apple, a few potatoes, an onion and garlic, along with a bottle of dark beer, some grainy mustard and pepper, in addition with garden grown thyme, and lets not forget the main ingredients: browned kielbasa and slightly rinsed sauerkraut… MMMMMMMMmmm!

It came out amazing and mouthwatering just like the smell that infused the entire house (less than desirable air freshener though). Didn’t mind if I DID have three (yes THREE) servings. Don’t worry I worked that off by sweeping, vacuuming, and washing all the floors in the house and, as always, making sure the kitchen shines.

Where’s the harmony?

The kitchen is clean and the rest of the cleaning is underway while dinner simmers away to a hearty perfection – harmony. What makes this so harmonious and beautiful is that by the time you’re done cleaning, so is dinner. And it doesn’t seem like as much work when everything seems to be happening at once. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to know that after several helpings of dinner I just had to have burned off a majority of those calories. Now to eat some more and relax. Side note – still no weird cravings on my third month of pregnancy bliss.

If you’re curious about the calories and other nutritional info, I found a pretty close resemblance to my recipe on CalorieCount.com which gives it a grade A!

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut Medley – nutritional info and a recipe by CalorieCount.com, not mine.

If you’re curious about my recipe in particular write me below:

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