Counting My Gifts

Sure You Can be Pissed and Sad but That’s a Choice You Make

On this specific day these are the things I am thankful for:

  1. My parents and their health
  2. My parents smiling faces
  3. My parents are coming home today! (missed them terribly)
  4. My health
  5. My ability to move all of my limbs at will
  6. My eyes and the ability to see the beautiful world
  7. My ears and the ability to hear the world around me
  8. My heart that automatically pumps my blood
  9. My veins that allow for life to flow through me (and the Little Bean)
  10. My lungs to work without a thought
  11. My stomach
  12. My muscles and my fat
  13. My skeletal structure (isn’t our body simply amazing? think about it)
  14. My emuna
  15. The rest of my organs
  16. The home I sit in
  17. The running water in our home
  18. The flowing electricity
  19. The plumbing
  20. The new client
  21. The food that has and will reach my mouth
  22. The water that has and will reach my mouth
  23. The sunshine
  24. The clouds
  25. The rain
  26. The chair that I sit on
  27. The computer, internet, and all of the technology that allows me to reach you
  28. My brain and it’s ability to act, think, and dream
  29. My ability to read and write
  30. My freedom for which so many suffered and never known
  31. The bed I rest my head on
  32. The cotton my sheets are made of
  33. The feathers of the birds that make my warmth possible
  34. The lacks in my life
  35. The word of G-d that shows us how to be humble, selfless, and modest people
  36. The opportunity to strengthen faith in things not seen
  37. The heat that pumps through this home
  38. The ability to call a place a home
  39. The love of my parents and family
  40. The seemingly dark hours without which there would be no light
  41. The birds outside my window
  42. The lack of constant work that shows me that I am not the boss
  43. The headache that reminds me of all the days that I am pain free
  44. All the kind faces that I will encounter today
  45. All the less than kind faces that will make me appreciate the blank ones
  46. The enemies that work against me
  47. The friends that have my back
  48. The opportunity to help someone
  49. The seemingly bad and nightmarish trials that I’ve overcome
  50. The little soul that grows inside me
  51. This very moment of life

Throughout my day these are the many things that I think of. G-d is so good in so many ways I pray that people remember, if only for a moment, that every moment is a blessing and a gift. Treat it as such and never forget how good it is to be you. There are thousands of things that are missing from the list.

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