Monday Quickie

Selfie of the dayHeadache – day 3. Staying positive. Looking at this screen is probably not good for it. But I wanted to share my day with ya’ll really quick.

Work is Great!

In case you didn’t know I operate a dog walking and pet sitting business, here in New Jersey (you can find my site and everything pets at which has been drying out a bit as of late. I am staying positive and though it’s easier some days than others I had met a wonderful new client today who is the mom of two sweet Pit bull girls. In case you didn’t know Pitties are one of my favorite breeds out there (RIP my dear sweet Monster). They are oh so cute and didn’t hesitate to lick me to death as me and their mom chatted about their needs and wants.

Then, while stuffing my face with Wendy’s (I know, I know. I messed up man!) I got a call from a Pit mix mom who needs a roomie for her pup while they are away on vacation. Seriously? The best day ever! I am thrilled to meet them later on this week.

We’re far from where we were a year ago but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m ever so grateful.

Feeling Okay but Looking for a Bit of Relief

The headache is not the worst I’ve ever had (thank G-d) but tomorrow will mark day 4 and let me just say, it takes a toll. Maybe they are related to my sleeplessness. I feel drained during the day and awake through the night. Backwards much?

Blast from the Past

An ex from about 8 months ago popped up and was eager to share his closures with me. I am more than happy to listen, though my closure was attained, oh 8 months ago or so. It’s not being conceited. It’s the knowing that I did my best to be the best partner I know how so I have no regrets when I finally say – enough. But it was good to be a grown up and allow another lay it all out as not to have it fester into the future. I am thankful that the opportunity was provided for this interaction to take place.

Side Note

There is a stink bug in my room. I don’t want to kill it but it’s buzzing and bashing into walls and such is driving me nuts. Maybe it’s the sensitivity due to this ache of the head but it’s getting on my last nerve. Okay, okay… breathe. Just a bug getting a few more flights in before it’s final minute.

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