Week 13 – Bump or Bloat?

An Obsession

A confession – I love a pregnant belly.

It’s true, when I see a friend with a bump it’s safe to say that the first thing I do is say hello to the bump. I can’t quite say what it is about it but something certainly draws me to it. I want to touch it, listen to it, and touch it some more. Weird I know.

This brings me to my next point: am I wishful thinking and speeding up something that has yet to happen? I have been reading that first time mom-t0-bees usually show around their 20th week. It’s the experienced moms that tend to feel an actual bump at weeks much earlier than that. With that said, I have been getting a bit of looks and comments from family that I am beginning to show. More than that, I can’t keep my hands off of myself, lol.

This leaves me wondering, is it the bump or is it just pregnancy bloat? Here are some pics of my week 13, tell me what you think:

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