Piles of Onesies

Time Flies

Baby clothes

I know that time flies. It seems the more days go by the faster blinks they become of my past. It leaves our heads spinning. An example of that is when your newborn grows out of his or her onesies within a month. Granted that is still ahead of me but I am lucky enough to have a friend that has just given birth a few months ago and has been amazing in filling me in on all the things to come that even books don’t cover. It’s such a pleasure to sit back with her and her little one and chat about her experiences and adventures. And that pea is just adorable and personality for days!

Pass’em Down

So when she called me asking if I wanted to take her daughters clothes, I thought to myself, what DO people do with just about brand new clothes of their newborns? After that, my thoughts went to, wait a minute!!! She was just born!!! She grew clothes out already? Head spinning for sure!!! I also can’t help but think I am so lucky to have her for all her eager advice and helping words and the passing down of the threads is an awesome icing.

What About You?

All this makes me wonder, what do others do? Do you moms pass your babys clothes along to friends and family, donate them, throw them away? Share with me below. I look forward to hearing from you gals.

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