And Here We Are

Mama wasn’t kidding when she used to tell me, “Before you turn around five years would have gone by.” It seems like I just found out that I’ll be a mom. It’s almost dreamlike that I’ve been pregnant for almost 7 months. 

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with this pregnancy. I think I have found out just about all the ugly little symptoms of growing a little human within. There were unbearable headaches, the ruthless heartburn, the debilitating back aches that left me unable to sit, stand, or walk. But thank the Man upstairs, all that is behind me and I am loving my belly, even if the button on it is about to pop. 

She is livelier than ever in there. I don’t know what her activities include but I am betting tumbles are a part of it. Sometimes it feels like all her limbs are going on at once. Others its either her head or butt that makes an appearance. I have to say it’s one of the strangest feelings I’ve ever experienced. I am in awe of if. 

I can’t imagine that in a few, short months I’ll get to meet her, to hold her, to love her. I pray that I am good enough for her. I pray that I am strong enough to be her mother and to nurture her into a kind and strong human being with a good soul. She isn’t here yet and she has changed my life in so many ways. 

And here we are. Still you and me. One day, forever us. 

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