Product Review: Galaxy Star Bee


Now if you know me, you know I’m picky. Too picky for my own good at times. This is not one of those times.

This was a purchase made to give my curious little Bean something to gaze at as she differed off to sleep.

Experts say to put your little one to bed not feeding or asleep. Instead, lay her down when you notice yawns and heavy eyelids. This gives your babe the opportunity to drift off on her own. The great lesson here is that this helps establish a routine with ease when it comes time to do so.

So after bath time and dinner Bean loves this light show! She stares from star to bright star and loves the color change every few seconds. She adores this galaxy display and that makes mama happy.

– Bright lights that don’t lose their brilliance on the ceiling or wall
– steady or auto changing lights: yellow, green, blue
– touch sensor so your not fumbling to turn it in at night
– great night light
– silent operation
– auto shut off
– inexpensive

– none

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