Is Your Baby a Reflux Baby: take the quiz

Hiccups, spit up, and vomit, oh my!

There’s nothing worse than watching your little one suffer and not being able to do anything about it. 

Baby Bean spitting up milk

Spitting up all day. Could it be GERD?

We were dealing with lots of spit up and even more crying throughout the day. No matter how much burping we did or remained in an upright position after eating the spit up and crying came and never seemed to go away.
Bedtime brought more tribulations with, at times, massive throw up that seemed to projectile for feet at  time and even though the nose. It was heartbreaking watching Bean endure such harsh experiences within her tiny, helpless body.

Heartburn and reflux was one of the most prominent effects of my pregnancy, so, i know all too well what my nugget was going though. So, we began to problem solve.

First – isolate the issue

here are some ways you can tell you baby may have acid reflux

  1. Does your baby have a persistent cough not associated with an illness?
  2. Does your baby gag when feeding?
  3. Does your baby arch her back when feeding or shortly after?
  4. Does your baby refuse to eat or eats a little at a time?
  5. Is your baby irritable when eating?
  6. Does your baby grunt and growl during feedings?
  7. Does your baby have difficulty swallowing?
  8. Does your baby vomit frequently?
  9. Does your baby spit up during or shortly after a feeding?
  10. Does your baby cry suddenly or wake up crying?
  11. Does your baby suffer from colic?
  12. Does your baby have “wet burps“?
  13. Does your baby have frequent hiccups?
  14. Does your baby have poor sleep habits?
  15. Does your baby have spells of not breathing?
  16. Does your baby have slow growth?
  17. Has your baby lost weight?

If you’ve answered “yes” to 3 or more of the questions above, I highly recommend you seeing your babies pediatrician for further testing and treatment. 

Through careful observation, we’ve pin pointed that Bean has all but two of the symptoms described above. Poor thing! So, we scheduled an emergency appointment immediately the next day to help the little thing feel better ASAP!

To be continued…

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Source: Heartburn/GERD

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