Reflux Baby: Beans treatment for heartburn

It seems that she was always crying. The Angry Bean was such a fitting name for the little one that it went well beyond cute. She was uncomfortable, stiff, spitting up and unhappy in general.

Ranitidine - heartburn treatment (Zantac)

Ranitidine – baby heartburn treatment (Zantac)

Taking some time to home-diagnose the problem we made an emergency appointment with our doctor. If you must, insist on a same day appointment! I know all too well how painful and uncomfortable heartburn can be. I dealt with it all of my pregnancy at the highest levels. It got to the point where I had to sit up to sleep at night because otherwise I seemed to have been drowning in my own stomach acids. There is NO way I could have the Bean deal with that for a moment longer than necessary. So we went to work in solving this issue. The appointment resulted with a prescription for Ranitidine aka Zantac for babies.

Are you wondering if your baby has heartburn? Take the baby heartburn/GERD quiz!

Once we had our prescription in hand, there were additional steps to take.

  • Elevation is a must! As it makes sense for adults to elevate themselves during sleep instead of laying flat on their backs, so does the same apply to little ones. Check out the tried and tested products to help elevate your babes sleep.
  • Burping with ease. Some babies are harder to burp than others. They say that breastfed babies may not need to burp at all, I strongly disagree. Especially so if heartburn is involved. Sometimes you have to try all the burping positions and repeat over time until you get that air bubble out. Trust me, its there…
  • Take frequent breaks during feedings. Let the babe catch her breath and a chance to burp.
  • Keep the baby upright for at least 15 minutes after eating. Take that time to work out any gas that may have been accumulated during the feeding. We turn on some music and gently dance around the room while patting the back high (between the shoulder blades) and rubbing from bottom up. She enjoys this time together cooing in my ear.

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