Product Reviews: Heartburn Blues – elevate your babes sleep. See the winner!

There are several products that I’ve tried in order to help elevate Ariella at night in an effort to help her get her acid reflux under control. Here is our feedback on the three popular products: Dex DayDreamer, Safe Lift Crib Wedge, and Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround. Guess who won?

Dex DayDreamer **/***** ($130). This seemed like the perfect thing to try. It has sides that prevent the baby from rolling off of the edges and had a nice incline. I was excited about it. So much so, that I ran out the same day I found it and read the great reviews on Amazon, and made the purchase. The experience began right in the parking lot. First off, it’s quite bulky. Though the description states that it’s easy to transport, I have to disagree. It’s big, heavy, and with no apparent handles of any sort to make it easy on today’s mom to get it in and out of the house and car. Interrupting that thought, a woman stopped her car by mine and was observing me loading it into my car. She rolled down her window and made a shocking statement about this product: there was a recall for the item. “Great,” I thought, “back to square one.” I decided to take it home anyway and give it a whirl for myself. After getting it home and lugging it up the stairs in one hand and car seat with the baby in the other (one day I’ll be oh, so buff!) I was excited to show it to Bean. I waited for a calm moment in her world and placed her in the DayDreamer with a cotton blanket covering the synthetic material it’s made of. Well, she hated it! She took a few moments to assess the situation, looking around this way and that. Realizing that she cannot see anything but what’s in front of her she proceeded to let me know of her displeasure. And she’s right! I mean, it looked like she was in a ‘time out’ or something the way the sides came up so high. I don’t understand the need for this, especially since the product description states that it is not for use anywhere but the floor so falling babies are not an issue. Another thing to mention is that this product insists that it is not for use with babies that know how to roll over. So, I ask you, what’s the need for such high sides preventing the baby from exploring her surroundings? Unless your kid stares into one spot, this isn’t for you. Overall, it’s not terrible for cat naps on the floor under the supervision of an adult, but certainly not worth $130! The only thing that I found favorable about this is the incline. Looking at it from this perspective, the Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker has the same incline and could be used instead for a mere $40+ dollars. And it’s so easy to fold and transport. (RETURNED)

Safe Lift Crib Wedge

Safe Lift Crib Wedge

Safe Lift Crib Wedge ****/***** from $14. This is a nice n cheap option to help lift your baby. Though I find that it is best used in the crib. While we are co-sleeping it’s hard to keep her from rolling off the sides throughout the night (she’s a squirmer). It’s simple, has a nonstick bottom to help prevent it from shifting around. I would have liked to be a tad more lifted as the incline is a very slight one and there is nothing preventing the baby from shifting to the bottom of it within a few hours… again, she’s a squirmer, lol. (RETURNED)

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround

WINNER: Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround (testing in progress) ****/***** from $54. So far this is the best solution for a needed lift during the night. It has a nice incline with the ability to adjust it if you like. I love the soft sides all around the sleeping area with a mesh material to help keep the baby ventilated, if you will. The fact that the sides go all the way around prevent her from sliding off of the incline and becoming useless. I am not crazy about the materials used for the majority of the product (what else is new) but I solved the issue with a cotton sheet that covers most of the surface that Ari would be touching. The soft mesh sides also allow for easy night feedings. We tried it out for the first time last night and, honestly, I have no complaints. The price is right. The size is great (up to 4 months). And it’s very safe. So far, we are impressed.

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