The Art of Burping Your Baby

My Reluctant Burper

It’s no secret, Bean is a gassy baby. It only makes sense that she needs to be burped all the time. In addition to the way she eats – in clusters – she is especially prone to gas in her belly. This causes her major pain and to be very uncomfortable expressed through crying, arching, and refusing the nipple. After each substantial pause in our feeding routine we have learned to take the opportunity to get a good burp out of her. It might not work right away but trust me, it’s in there! 

Don’t believe everything you read. Some articles on the internet will have you believe a breastfed baby may not have any air trapped. But her tantrums told a different story and in our crusade to pin point the issue we finally figured out that there is no way around a good burp. The trick is getting it out of that tiny baby!


Does she need to burp? The signs

It’s not always easy to figure out what your baby is trying to tell you. My Beans signs that she’s uncomfortable are quite clear to me as the days go by and I get to be more experienced bit by bit. Her symptoms are:

  • crying on while eating
  • trying to eat but getting off and on the nipple (as if she wants it but can’t get the milk down)
  • arching her back
  • high pitched cry

If this sounds familiar, chances are your babe is ready for a burp. Sometimes easier said than done. Read on…


The Art of the Burp

Burping your baby techniques

Burping your baby techniques

Sometimes, burping a baby is easier said than done. You can find yourself sitting for what seems like hours trying to coax the trapped air out of the little belly. Here are some tips and remember, be patient!

  1. The sitting burp – the baby sits on your lap while one hand supports the chest and chin the other pats repeatedly, quick and light between her shoulder blades
  2. The rocking burp – when your baby is sitting on your lap for the ‘sitting burp’ or just in general, rock her body back and forward gently. Sometimes this will relieve a big ole burp!
  3. The shoulder burp – prop your babe on your shoulder with her chest and belly against the rotator. Walk around while patting between her shoulder blades
  4. The lap burp – place your baby on your lap, facing down. Support her head with your hand. Her face will be in your palm and the other hand will be patting her back.
  5. The shoulder burp deluxe – in addition to the ‘shoulder burp instructions add a little bounce to help work a stubborn burp out. Put a little rhythm into it – they like it.

The most important tip about the instructions above is that it takes time so be patient and repeat, repeat, repeat. It may not happen right away. If one method doesn’t work, move onto the next until you covered all the burping techniques. But wait! You’re not done. If you tried everything above to no avail, wait a few minutes and start again, and (you guessed it) repeat, repeat, repeat. I promise you’ll get it! And it’ll be oh, so gratifying.

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