Beans Reflux Update: post treatments

Its heartburn!

Things we applied to our daily routine to help with acid refux and it’s resolve within Beans world.

Happy baby

Happy baby

She’s been a great, funny, sweet, sleepy baby so far. She does have another side to her though, as some of you know. She’s a bit, how shall I put it, Boss? She has cry spells that pierce your ears and make you want to run for the hills. Loud and especially angry at times she stood like a stiff little bean that you’re trying to console. It’s near impossible to hold onto her as she arches her back and screams through large, welling up tears. We danced and rocked, we soothed and talked, we sang and cycled little legs and nothing seemed to help. In previous posts I’ve talked about how we honed in on what the suspected issue may be (check out the questions to ask yourself when wondering what we wondered: Is Your Baby a Reflux Baby? take the quiz) And we went with heartburn.

It’s been about a week since we’ve visited the doctor with Ariella to find something to help her heartburn. 

What we tried

  • elevated her during sleep.
  • I made an appointment with our doctor who prescribed medication.
  • I used gas drops for infants. Main ingredient Simethicone.
  • I made sure she ate small, frequent meals.
  • I kept her from laying down for at least 15 minutes after meals (yes, this resulted in a LOT of dancing and moving).
  • I burped her religiously. Never give up on a burp!
  • I bought and returned a bunch of products.

What didn’t work

As usual, some products are more hype than anything useful. Perhaps I am just too picky but there are too many products on the market that are made out to be so much better than they actually are. I’ll be here to waddle through the mess. Read up on the wedges and recliners I’ve bought to try’n figure out how to help my Bean with her acid reflux.

Also, I have recently stopped my go at her gas issue that I tried to remedy with Babies R Us brand Infant Gas Drops. After much research I find that studies conclude that these do not have any benefits nor do they typically help anything gas related. I guess all the positive reviews could be a placebo effect. No harm no foul, as long as it works to help your baby and causes no harm, why not?

What finally helped ease our acid reflux issue

Our army in battle against Beans acid reflux is as follows:

  • Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround for sleeping
  • Short feedings with frequent breaks for burping
  • Keeping her upright for 15 or more minutes after she eats
  • Persistent burping techniques 
  • Administering Ranitidine twice a day (as per doctor)

Now we are happy girls a majority of the day! YAY!

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2 thoughts on “Beans Reflux Update: post treatments

    • You and me both! In addition to figuring out how to help her with her gas the natural way, instead of using drops, she is doing SO much better… just ask Alina… she saw the before and after first hand!!!

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