About Me

G-d has blessed me with a new direction in life and I am so excited to share with you, the world, of everything that this entails. I brought into this world a beautiful baby girl and I cannot remember a life that seems a lifetime ago. She is my entire world. She inspires me, completes me, and makes me a better person everyday. There are many lessons to be learned, new adventures to be had, and a lifetime of love to instill in her. I can only hope to provide her with all the love I can possibly give. I pray to inspire her to be a good, humble, loving, compassionate, and kind person that I know this world needs. She is my muse. Together we will grown, learn, laugh, cry, and love. May we get up when we stumble, may we have the heart to dust ourselves off and move forward taking life’s lessons into the future, may we never, ever take our moments on this earth for granted…  This life of ours… may it be a blessed one.

Please reach out if you find a spark to. Whether it’s to give advice or get it (I’ll do my best according to my ever growing knowledge), share stories or baby photos, or even just to connect and talk. Please, please don’t be shy, comment below or email me.

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