DIY Baby Wipes – Bossy Beans simple 3 ingredient formula for sensitive baby skin

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Okay moms, how many of you out there can’t help but wonder what in the world is in your baby wipes? You’re not alone! With that question on the brain started my research, as I often do. As those of you who follow my blog, I have recently discovered an amazing site that allows us, the often clueless consumer, to do a quick, comprehensive, and responsible information that has been scientifically proven. Read the article Stop the Ignorance: breakdown your everyday products and find out the truth! article and never wonder what you’re

After plugging Pampers Natural Clean Wipes into GoodGuides search engine I was shocked to find out that there are so many unsavory things associated with the seemingly innocuous product made for a baby!

Naturally, no pun intended, I went on to research the Do It Yourself baby wipe methods moms are using out there. I found a ton of information about all sorts of baby wipes and with this wide of a variety of baby wipe recipes out there!

However, most of these homemade baby wipe recipes had too many ingredients for my liking. For me, I need just a few things to make me a happy camper: Continue reading

Stop the Ignorance: breakdown your everyday products and find out the truth!

Forever on the Info Hunt

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Have you ever wondered what exactly is in the baby products (or any products for that matter) that you use on a daily (or not so daily) basis? It seems the ingredients and other compounds are not easily found on the packaging and so, most of the time, no one bothers to do the research. We just assume that what the advertisers and marketing pros are peddling is safe for us and our families. And if anyone knows me, I have a deep need to know what I am using and what went into the production of any product I use. This need to know has never been as great as when I had my baby and found myself in need of shampoos, ointments, and baby wipes. So, I often found myself doing extensive research that sometimes took up hours of my time. Well no more! Continue reading

Just Kickin’ it

We are 5 months and 2 weeks along this week. These are the words of a first time mom-to-bee. Last few nights the little one has been very active. She’s been kicking away and it’s such a weird feeling. I mean I’ve seen the pictures and heard the heartbeat but to feel movement is something else entirely. I don’t know what strong movements are vs light ones but it almost seems like I can SEE her little feet under my belly making it move and shift. I am loving being pregnant. I am loving that I’ll be a mom in just a few short months. All the difficulties are so worth it.

I’ve been laid up in bed for the last few days with what the doctors are telling me is a sciatic nerve pain but with all the acrobatics she’s performing in there I hope she moves off of that spot that has me pretty much immobile. After all, I AM single and I need to make the money for as long as I possibly can and my job requires walking, walking, and more walking.

Sure I can’t walk, have debilitating migraines, and have immense waves of nausea, but I am so looking forward to our sixth month together in a few weeks and the new experiences it’ll bring. In the meantime, I am trying to stay healthy (the whole household is sick with a high temperature so I guess it’s good that I am locked up in my room) and positive about the future.